Bienaime Agency is essentially a one-stop-shop for male models, servicing all of their talent, public relations and worldwide branding needs; successfully eliminating the standard of hiring separate companies to cover these aspects of their career representationWe specialize in photography, videography, and branding - 3 foundational skill sets that set us apart and make Bienaime Agency so highly sought after. 

 "You can be an unknown person today, shoot with Bienaime Agency and be featured in major headlines tomorrow" - Marvin Bienaime.
We pride ourselves in discovering and developing aspiring male models of color, who are often overlooked in the modeling industry because they don't meet certain requirements or they have a look that is deemed “too urban” for certain talent agencies.
Every day, Bienaime Agency receives hundreds of  DM’s across social media platforms, and hundreds of email submissions, from aspiring models located as far as London, UK, looking to get that ONE big break! Like any other reputable entertainment PR firm, Bienaime Agency has connections with major casting directors, magazine editors, producers, bloggers, talent agents, and music video directors. 
 "When they're working on projects and need some of the sexiest men on the planet, we're the one they call" - Marvin Bienaime.
The real magic of Bienaime Agency is that we use our platform to honor and showcase a uniquely diverse spectrum of black male beauty and sexiness!


(The following FAQ below does not pertain to any celebrity inquiring to be photographed by Bienaime Agency; Male Models Only)



1.  What is the BIENAIME AGENCY aesthetic?


Answer:  Marvin Bienaime is a sought after and experienced professional photographer. After years in the business, he has created a specialized niche. He typically shoots male models, with an athletic build, who are comfortable being photographed in the nude with experience modeling in front of the camera. His aesthetic is clean, crisp and stylized. He uses special lighting and creates poses for his subjects to best enhance their features. 


2.  What should I do before my photography session?


Answer: In order to determine whether you are a good candidate for a photography session, we may request that you submit via email or Bienaimeagency.com (under our submit section) a face, profile, and fully body digital photograph of yourself. The photographs you submit are kept completely confidential and used only for the purpose of determining whether we would like to set up a test shoot for you.  We do not use your images for any other purpose, nor do we publish or disseminate these images.  Once we receive your face, profile, and full body photographs, we will respond within 3-5 business days to notify you if we’d like to schedule you for a test shoot.  At that point, we will provide you with a full Agreement with release provision for you to review and sign if you’d like to be photographed by BIENAIME AGENCY.


3.  I am nervous about nude modeling.  I have never done nude modeling before.


Answer: Most of our clientele have not done nude modeling before. Marvin Bienaime, the principal of BIENAIME AGENCY has cultivated an artistic and experienced method of photographing his male models. His images are sensual, artistic, athletic and brings out the best attributes of his models. Marvin works to maximize your assets and minimize your weaknesses. He creates a calm environment to make sure the model feels comfortable and at ease. BIENAIME AGENCY will not make you do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.  


4.  What should I expect when I arrive for my session?


Answer:  When you arrive, the photographer will greet you and show you the areas where shooting will take place. We always strive to make shooting with Bienaime Agency a fun and exciting experience.    


5.  Do I need experience modeling before I book a shoot with BIENAIME AGENCY?


Answer:  We are not a modeling school.  Therefore, you should have a basic understanding of how to model and pose in front of the camera.  Of course, we will help you create the best poses to accentuate your features.  Additionally, since BIENAIME AGENCY focuses on photographing male models, we do not accept clientele who are minors.  


6.   Can I bring a guest to the photography session?


Answer:  Typically, we do not allow guests to accompany the model during the photoshoot. If you bring a guest, we ask that he or she waits in the lobby downstairs. It is very important that the photographer is focused and not distracted by any outside influences in order to make the most out of the allotted time for the photo shoot.


7.  Will I be fully nude on set?


Answer:  Most likely.  If you are not comfortable shooting in the nude, we may not be the right photographer for you. BIENAIME AGENCY is known for a very specific type of stylized photo of it's male models. We do take photos of our models clothed, however, as part of our overall aesthetic, we will take photographs of our models in the nude or partially nude. Accordingly, you should feel comfortable being photographed in the nude.  


8.  Where are the images used?


Answer:  Before the photoshoot begins, you will be asked to sign an Agreement with a release provision. Some of the photos may go on BIENAIME AGENCY’s social media pages and blog posts.  



9.  How do the images look?


Answer: BIENAIME AGENCY strives to make its clients look their absolute best.  Lead photographer, Marvin Bienaime, has cultivated a specific and unique look throughout his professional photography career.  He specializes in photographing men, either fully dressed, in the nude or partially nude, also known as “implied nude”. The images are stylized, professional, artistic, sexy and sensual. He focuses solely on the model as the subject to capture the audience’s attention.  His photos are well known throughout the world and helps catapult his clients into stardom. Marvin Bienaime gets the 'perfect shot' in order to best accentuate his models’ attributes.  


10.  How do you choose the models you work with?


Answer:  BIENAIME AGENCY is extremely selective in who we choose to photograph. We receive many photo submissions and must determine the right candidates from such submissions. If we decide to photograph you, you must be comfortable with our aesthetic and feel, and you must sign the agreement and release provision.