3,911 thoughts on “Rapper Rick Ross Photographed By Bienaime Agency For ‘Rich Hair Care’ Beard Line

  1. That is amazing. Sadly, I didn't see Firefly until after Serenity came out. I don't even remember being aware of its existence when it was airing — never saw an ad or anything. It's too bad, because so many people have fallen in love with the show since then and if half of us had been watching then, maybe it wouldn't have been cancelled.

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  14. If you want an idea of the kinds of cartoons Freleng, Jones, Clampett, and Tashlin would have made without the Hayes/Breen Code, take a look at the Private Snafu series. Lots of "hells", "damns", shit jokes, and tits, but it's all done cleverly, and tame compared to anything today. And honestly, they probably wouldn't have gone any further than that because they probably didn't think it was socially acceptable.

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  18. I couldn’t get through the books either. However, my 22 and 17 year old grandkids have and watched the movies many, many time. I finally caught the new movie with them Wednesday and found values that are missing from most media today. It may sound hookie, but perhaps the kids see, hear and feel what a lot of adults are unable to or can’t. But, of most interest to me was that my 10 year old grandchild picked up a Harry Potter book and started reading! That’s an accomplishment for her.

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  23. we love attending church on vacation. heck, when we don’t have a sunday calling, sometimes we visit other wards just because it’s fun for us. but i get what you mean about needing a break. four kids five and under, especially with a husband who works on sundays, leaves me wishing we could take a break once in a while. or at least bump to a later sacrament meeting!

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  25. Our Student ministry (grades 6-12) uses texting sometimes to communicate with students. In my area of oversight (preteens, grades 4 & 5), I do not think it’s appropriate and I have cautioned my leaders to be careful and viligent in this area. I believe that with young preteens, electronic communication should be primarily between leaders and parents.

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